My Mother's Pieced Quilts Summary

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Everyone's culture is different, that's why the majority of people have different opinions on certain subjects. Even though everyone goes through different experiences, the way they were taught growing up effects how they will be in the future. One's culture has a very big impact on how they view others and the world. In the essay, "Ethic Hash" by Patricia J. Williams, She is explaining how people's culture affects the way they see others. She talks about how people stereotype because of one's skin color. "The truth is we liked watermelon in our family. But the only times we ate it well, those were secret moments, private moments, guilty, even shameful moments, never unburdened by the thought of what might happen if our white neighbors saw us enjoying the primeval fruit. We were always on display when it came to things stereotypical.”(Williams) Williams describes how her and her family get judged on the food they like. Williams and her family were afraid to eat the foods they love because the white neighbors will make fun of them. Williams explained how she can only eat watermelon in those private moments when no one can see them enjoying watermelon because she is afraid of the neighbors In the poem, “ My mother's pieced quilts” by Teresa Palomo…show more content…
“My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America-America was where all my mother's hopes lay,” (Tan). In this quote from the excerpt we see the views most people have coming to America from another country. “I was just as excited as my mother, I pictured this prodigy part of me as many different images,” (Tan). In this quote we can see how the daughter has the same view as her mother concerning their future. Due to their same cultural views and experiences, such as, coming from a hard life in China they have similar views on the world and
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