My Mother's Stereotypes

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I waited for my mother to choose a form of entertainment to watch after dinner, that Saturday evening. Glaring at the television screen, I had hoped for a Disney channel movie about the Cheetah girls, my absolute favorite role models at the time. My 11-year-old anxiousness was building up as my mother combed through the channels. She then suddenly stopped on the channel for ‘CNN’. It was obvious that I was disappointed. I was confused as I thought we both had in mind the same genre of entertainment: a family film filled with comedic relief and musical performances. Instead, it was suggested that I lend my attention to the CNN special and grudgingly, I did.

As the special started, the news analyst explicated that the CNN report would be based on a documentary that exposed the passages of the human trafficking world and its victims. As an 11 year old, I was shocked by my mother’s choice of ‘entertainment’. Trying to better understand my mother’s reasoning behind this decision she made: for herself and I to sit and watch this graphic, yet didactic documentary, I began finding ways to justify her reasoning. Rather, I thought the film’s viewing was a foreshadowing of my future endeavors and career path. Perhaps one day, I would be able to channel enough hope and courage to combat such possessive
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Because I am an applicant from a nontraditional, multiplex background, I can provide a different perspective to problems encountered in international human rights law, and can even introduce vastly different but equally effective approaches to solving these
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