My Movie Reflection

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An English Professor Vivian Bearing has spent her years interpreting metaphysical poetries. She is a person with a good intellect but is very distant with the students. At the start of the movie, she was having her check up with a doctor wherein she was diagnosed with a stage four metastatic ovarian cancer. She was also aware that there is no stage 5 of the disease. A doctor in the oncology department who is Dr. Kelekian wants Vivian to take a full dose of the chemotherapy for 8 months. Although he warns Vivian to be strong enough and reserve her inner courage in the treatment that will take a very long course, I think this kind of treatment is very painful enough for a person to bear. Having said so, she tries to remain impassive and tolerant throughout the progression of treatment. As seen in the movie, she suffers from physical examinations, tests and assessments by those medical students. Through several flashbacks we have gain different insights from Vivian’s past life, including are those; encounter with her mentor who warns her to spend more time with her friends, a special moment with his father during her childhood life wherein his father used to encourage her in delighting new words and associating it with some meaning, lastly is about her moment with a student when she treated him unfairly.
Several principles were violated as seen in the movie, thus showing how incompetent health care providers are. At the start of the movie, Doctor Kelekian suggested an
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