My Music And Music: The Importance Of Music

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Arts has been proven to be an elemental part of one’s life that people can not live without. Never before had I thought that one day I would type such a cheesy essay like this about how arts, or music particularly, has had exerted a great influence on me. It has been 4 years, 7 months and a half since I took the piano class seriously.

Back to the time of 4 years and 8 months ago, I “declared” an avowed idea of my learning to play piano to my parents. At no time, they assumed that I would waste their money away again like the time when I was in grade 2. Long story short: I took an organ class during the summer time and right after the first class, my parents was lulled by my childlike voice that I would stick to play it through thick and thin
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There was a period around this point of time when I kept dreaming that I was able to play guitar or drum or piano skillfully and passionately, which made the audience feel so moving that most of them would stand up and give me a long-lasting plaudit. Those dreams usually ended impolitely and abruptly in the middle of the applause when it was time to wake up for school. Overwhelmed with them did I encounter, I decided to talk my parents into letting me learning piano again. However, this time was a grand piano, not an electrical one, which meant that they had to pay a much larger amount of money for it. Since my family is not a privilege one, they spent more than one week, which is considered to be a long time for a decision, before letting me have permission of learning it again, besides asking me a ton of questions and vows that I need to study it with my utmost discipline and as long as possible. I…show more content…
I did expect sth greater like “I could finish learning a piece of classical music like Moonlight in no time”. However, after realising that piano learners averagely spend 7 to 8 years to learn, I realised that I just went through one eighth of the path. I was obsessed with the idea of being an old-learner, which is a disadvantage of learning any musical instrument. Therefore, I started the habit of getting home immediately after school, nearly racing back to home just to learn as many pieces as possible and finish the old ones as fast as possible. I did gain skill in encountering a new piece, but my performance sounded deathly sterile because I viewed the fact of learning to play piano was an obligation of mine to study abroad someday instead of training my heart to be more opened. At that time, I hatred the fact that I should show sth cheesy or moving to the others. I felt it struggling to feel the music and to play slow and ballad pieces. At that time, I viewed playing them as if I had been fighting with my foes; I have been really into playing sth fast like Csikos Post or Turkish March although I still can not play them skillfully and gingerly. The one and only motivation of mine that gradually changed my bigotry way of learning was...myself. Me myself of 2 years later, when I found out that finally I could play sth fervently without the feeling of ashamed or

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