My Music Class Analysis

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I live in a very small town with a total of about 800 people. My school has 98 students 7th-12th grade. Class sizes are small and sometimes non-existent. Our school does not give us the opportunities you may receive in a larger school like foreign language classes, but this school has given me the best opportunity I have ever had. My 9th-grade year I decided to take a music class from a new teacher at my school. He was not very well liked and by the end of the first term I was the only student in his class. It was hard to be the only student. My class consisted of a strict schedule that the two of us followed every day. First I would come to class and make sure I had all my stuff that was needed for the lesson. Next, with the help of my teacher, I pushed the piano out into the hallway where we were in sight of the camera, rules so legal action would not happen. We would sit there and play for the rest of class, 5 minutes before school was over we would wheel the piano back to the classroom and I would leave. Through this experience, I was able to develop a friendship with this teacher that still is there today. During one of our classes, I was learning a song by Maroon 5 called Payphone. This song was very hard for me to learn and I took a lot of work to learn it. I practiced and practiced to achieve my goal. I played that song so much and so often I had it memorised. As the song became easier I played it faster. Soon the song was almost not recognizable because of how fast I was playing it. My teacher stopped me in the middle of my song and gave some…show more content…
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