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Laughter and happiness fill the halls as I travelled down the narrow halls with my best friend by my side. I giggled as Sabrina recounts the story of the disastrous dinner she had made for her family. She always had a talent for recounting stories. Sabrina’s hair was a soft brown, which reminded me of the bark of an old oak tree. Her brown orbs sparkled with a mischievous glint. But the most prominent feature was a smile would always adorn her pink lips. We first met during reception. A time of colour, excitement, and learning new things. She was the class clown, always making others laugh with her bubbly and friendly demeanour. She was thoughtful, loving and had a gentle nature. But what I remember most was that she would always go out of her way if she saw someone upset and would try to make them feel better. She did not like to see people sad. Although we were friends throughout the early years of primary school, it was in year 4 when we were put in the same class we grew the closets. We enjoyed playing soccer with the boys on the school oval. We would play when the air would swirl and cocoon you in a frozen sheet, and the sky would be washed with grey, watery light colours. The grass would be covered in ice crystals and would crunch under the weight of the young kids running over it. Thick mud covered the legs of all of the small children. We would sprint up and down the mangled pitch, simply to try and get warm. I was never very good at soccer, but Sabrina was

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