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So far, my life has been full of change. I was born in, India, and moved around for many of the early years of my life. I went from, Toronto, Dayton, Cincinnati, Wheaton, and finally, Elk Grove Village, in a six-year span of my life. These formative years were great for me because my parents always pushed me to do my best. Academically, I was pushed into performing the best I could such as trying my best in English class even though it was a struggle in the beginning. Socially, I was pushed into situations that I had to adapt to, such as changing schools every couple years. I was also pushed physically into trying everything I could possibly be comfortable with to see what I enjoy doing. These challenges helped form who I am and pushed me to …show more content…

They taught me that an educated person is one who can accomplish great things. They pushed me to be that person. They pushed me to do the best I can academically. An accomplishment that I am proud of is being inducted into the, “National Honor Society.” This has proven to me that hard work and dedication pays off and has allowed me to be recognized for all the sacrifices made to achieve high grades in the most challenging courses offered at my high school. This would never have been possible if not for the "push" my family gave me towards education and hard …show more content…

Experiences. such as seeing my grandma go through open heart surgery helped shape what I wanted to do. Through that experience, I decided that I wanted to become a cardiologist, so I can help people. Just like the doctor that saved my grandma 's life nine years ago. Five years ago, I went on a family trip to, India. When we passed the notorious slums of, Mumbai, I noticed how many people were missing limbs. My family told me that some were forced to do this so that they could get more money from tourists. Recent 3d printing technology, my desire to help people, and the goals I have set for myself make me want to help people like them by providing them with artificial limbs. After becoming a cardiologist, I hope to open a hospital and be able to provide the poor with cheap, quality health care, and expand to as many countries as I can. However, none of this will be possible without education. Therefore, my family 's advice to become as educated as I can remains

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