My Nursing Career

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During this overall process I learned what I really want to do compard to what the said I should do. It suprised me that the thought I should be a teacher which is probably because i want to work with kids. After high School I would like to persue a degree in nursing at College of the Ozarks. I would like to be a Pediatric Nurse because i want to work with kids and make difference in childrens lives. “Being a Pediatric Nurse you would be wroking with kids and bringing them hope and cheer is something you can acheive in this career(”. Also Pediatric Nurses make excellent wages. “An average registered nurse makes more than $52,000 a year and more experienced and specialized nurse makes over $72,000 a year”( There are also very many different kinds of establishemnts a nurse can work in. A nurse can work in hospitals, schools, home care facilities, government agencies, and…show more content…
“At College of the Ozarks has a 50% graduation rate for the nursing program( Also at The College of the Ozarks you can graduate from there without debt. “If you work on campus over the school year you may pay off your tuition and if you decide to work on campus over the summer you can pay off your room and board”( I love that The College of the Ozarks is a religious campus. “ On the campus you have a certain amount of time to attend church”( I’ve been going to church for a very long time and I absolutley love it and getting to learn more about god and because of the fact that when I go off to college I would be leaving my church so it is awesome that the college would have church available. I would like to go to The College of the Ozarks because I want to be a pediatric nurse and they offer a good nursing program and church that i can attend and in the end graduate without
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