Becoming A Nurse: A Career As A Nurse

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Nursing is a very demanding career that calls upon an individual to take on numerous roles to do an efficient job of supplying patients with good quality care. Nurses must take the role of a teacher to educate patients on how to take care of themselves to promote future wellness. Nurses must take the role of a scientist when it comes to determining what kind of condition a patient has; they must perform several test to figure out the best form of treatment to take to treat the said condition. Nurses take the form of a counselor when it comes to thoroughly listening to a patient’s personal, social, and psychological problems and giving them advice on how to handle these situations. Nurses are caretakers that serve with high levels of compassion…show more content…
Though I excel in providing zest, humor, and creativity I need a little help in the leadership, teamwork, and justice department. As a nursing student I have learned that you can not always look to doctors for help for they are called into medical emergencies all the time and might not be available; sometimes the nurse will have to take charge in case to see that everything goes well. When it comes to being the leader of a group project I tend to fall back and work as a supporter in fear of making a mistake or I feel I do not have the required skills to properly execute the solution to a situation. During my years as a student observing nurses I have learned that you cannot shy away from sharing your ideas or doubt your abilities, especially when your ideas could save someone’s life; you must exuberate self-confidence and courage to present that you are willing to take risks when necessary. In the health care profession teamwork is essential, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, nutritionist, etc. all work together to provide the best holistic care for each client. Unfortunately, I rather work by myself than with others. When I work alone I know for a fact that I will do the job the right way; when I work with others I most likely find myself micromanaging than trusting that my teammates know what they are doing. I have to realize that there is no room for mavericks or for rebels. If one is to be a change agent or an innovation, there is no other way to be successful in the health profession than to involve the gifts of each member of the team. I have to realize that not all teammates are the same, you have to let the colleagues that you work with get their chance to work on improving their skills in order to be fair and just. That being said, I need to work on my ability to deliver fairness to each and everyone that I might encounter on the job from the
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