Nursing Practice Performance Analysis

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5. Have you had the opportunity to evaluate your own nursing practice and the performance of others? Please describe this opportunity. (Performance) At this point in my career as a nurse, I have only been involved in random peer reviews. This process has given me the opportunity to evaluate my peer’s performance from a nursing perspective and identify what contributes to good nursing practice. This process has shed light on my own performance and how it can be enhanced. Based on the patient situation, I have also completed serious incident reports. This process improvement can assist in impeding potential harm to patients and improving ineffective processes and policies. My time in the Army as a non-commissioned officer has additionally…show more content…
As a leader it is important to be able to empathize with patients, families and colleagues. I have experienced a wide variety of encounters both in the military and in my nursing career that has expanded my awareness. Often people communicate with body language in the form of verbal and nonverbal cues when they are experiencing some difficulty. I am very tuned in to assessing these clues and offering support. During my military service and in my nursing career I have witnessed profound suffering. These are patients, families, colleagues and soldiers. I am very empathetic to their plight and am always willing to offer assistance. I know that nothing is accomplished without the cooperation of others. As a leader it is necessary to win peoples cooperation by letting them see your intention is to make things better. This can be accomplished by helping with nursing duties or listening to a colleague having a problem. My interpersonal skills enable me to be effective in the care of patients and in the assistance to…show more content…
Over the years my desire never shifted. I worked hard in school and tried to excel so that I would be prepared to take courses toward my future career. When I graduated High School, I enlisted in the Army. I signed up as a medic and began the rigorous training and studying required to succeed in such a demanding field. Serving as an Army medic at Ft. Carson was rewarding but it wasn 't until I was deployed to Iraq that I really began to fulfill the capacity of the job. Seeing the devastation and destruction of war compelled me even further in my work as a line medic and inspired me to pursue nursing. While on active duty I completed my nursing prerequisites and was able to additionally complete my bachelor’s in science in Healthcare Administration and Management. After I completed my term on active duty, I was accepted into a nationally recognized nursing program at University of Colorado Denver School of Nursing. I am proud of my educational background and have worked extremely hard to obtain it within the time frame that I did. I have strongly encouraged my peers to pursue their educational goals and have supported several in their career pursuits. It is in my contribution to others that I find my greatest
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