My Nursing: My Second Professional Career Choice

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Module 1 Discussion Nursing was my second professional career choice. Originally, I was going to school for business, but marriage and kids prevent me from finishing my education. Shortly afterwards, I started working in sales, eventually owned a few business along the way, due to the economy I returned to the work force. Although interested in returning to college, I was unsure which field to pursue. It was during a time my mother was in the hospital gravely ill, that made me realized what I wanted do. The nurses were caring and they worked diligently throughout her recuperation, they answered all my questions, easing anxieties and fears. The admiration and respect I felt for them came from their professional care of my mother. That moment…show more content…
At 46 years old, I was not a spring chicken, and was unsure if I could handle it or even fit in. The class started out with 120 students, all young enough to be my children, talk about the generation gap. Having to work twice as hard to keep up with my younger counterparts, I befriended several of the classmates, which until today I still keep in touch. In addition, it was difficult to juggle, between responsibilities and school, so family time was challenging. Remembering back, the hours spent studying late into the night because it was the only quiet time available. The second obstacle was the financial concern; fortunately, I was accepted into the scholars program, which paid for tuition and books. Nonetheless, it was stressful because grades were imperative to stay in the program, not to mention that being male in a female gender control profession was a struggle. The third obstacle was technology, a new frontier. Learning to use computers, and software, typing alone was grueling. The kids were the ones that got me through the intricacy of the World Wide Web (WWW), and the wife helped with the typing. Through hard work and perseverance, I completed my Associates Degree in Science at MDC and graduated top 10 in the class. They honored me by choosing to speak for scholar’s program ceremony, from 120 students only 80 graduated, six were male nurses. Looking back, I see myself doing it
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