My Nursing Philosophy

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1. What is your concept of nursing? Why do you want to become an advanced practice nurse?
I believe nursing is a field of identifying and treating health risks and problems. Nursing takes into account several aspects of a person including psychological, social, and emotional factors, which can affect the outcome of patient’s treatment and recovery. There should be a relationship of trust between nurses and their patients to ensure a high level of comfort for patients. In order to provide the highest quality of care, nurses must pay great attention to details including a patient’s beliefs, family, and environment as well as being able to work with other health professionals. Nursing also consist of educating patients by showing them how to care
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My epidemiology and biostatistics courses have helped me to develop my analytical reasoning skills. In order to solve problems in epidemiology, one has to make hypothesis about which detriments and exposures may be linked to the cause and distribution of a disease. Because I am able to adequately express my ideas and beliefs in a coherent manner that is easy for others to understand, I believe I have excellent communication skills. I have also used my communication skills to break down complex topics and contribute to group assignments. I am also highly organized and excel in multi-tasking. I have experience developing health programs including improving personal diet, physical activity, and other healthy…show more content…
An adult leaner should not allow life to stand in the way of their education. If an adult learner has a spouse or children, he or she is obligated to handle the responsibilities of maintaining a family while in school. Also, if an adult learner has a job while in graduate school, he or she is responsible for completing job and school requirements. However, an adult learner is responsible for finding the academic support that is needed in order to successfully complete a graduate program. Adult learners are also responsible for having and maintaining a good support system outside of class. This support whether it is spiritual, familial, or financial is often a determining factor in whether an adult will finish graduate school. It is important for an adult learner to have a self-motivated style of learning. Graduate schoolwork is more relevant and practical than undergraduate work, which require for students to be more autonomous and
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