My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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My philosophy of nursing is deeply rooted in my desire to care for people. My nursing tale began several years ago in Africa. I grew up in a remote village where females were not allowed to go to school because to the men, it was just a complete waste of time and money so for this reason I was constantly in and out of School. Since there was no electricity where I lived, at moon light after the completion of domestic and farm work my peers and I would gather outside of the hut to tell stories and expressed our dreams of what we want to become when we grow up. Although I did not know at the time how my dreams were going to be realized but my response to that question at moon light was always “I would like to be a nurse when I grow up”. I worked as a nanny for so many years for some of my…show more content…
An environment can predispose or help prevent illness. For example, if an illness is prevalent in a particular community, the state of the environment can aid in understanding the dynamics of the disease transmission. Also, the hospital environment can be a source of stressors to individuals in the hospital. Therefore, nurses need to ensure that the environment is safe and conducive for patients to receive treatment.
Health is a state of wellness. According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as the “complete state of physical, mental and social well-being” (World Health Organization, 2015). I like this definition of health because it encompasses the three important aspects of the individual being. The definition also supposes that patients should not be treated as individuals with diseases, but as individuals who are have an imbalance in their physical, mental and social well-being. By considering this imbalance, nursing interventions can be targeted at the different levels of an individual
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