My Nursing Philosophy

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Who am I? I am the one that helps, monitors, and treats. I give compassion, provide care, comfort, and advocate for individuals. I am your care taker, your guardian, and confidant. I am a Nurse. Nursing encompasses collaborative care of people of all ages. It incorporates the prevention of illness and injury, health promotion, care of the sick, alleviate suffering, and also education. Other vital roles of nursing include advocacy and research. Nursing is the intersection of not just knowledge and compassion, but of humility and patience. To be a nurse, you not only need a caring attitude, but you also need to have emotional stability to deal with multiple patients because as a nurse, you will be faced with many stressful situations. Nurses…show more content…
I have experience working with clients suffering from dementia, cancer, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer, and depression. Working as an aide helped me understand the importance of the healthcare system and working well with others. What appealed to me the most is the opportunity to interact with and care for someone in need. At the end of the day, I was happy to see a smile on my clients faces and admire how appreciative they are of me. Making people happy and assuring them that they had someone they could rely on for assistance truly warmed my heart. It made me realized the difference I made in their lives, which also made me wanting to do more. I then came to the realization that nursing will best suit my compassion. Working as a home health aide helped me realized that nursing is the only profession I want to pursue. As a result, I believe my interpersonal skills would enable me to be a competent and caring Nurse. As a nurse, I plan to provide excellent patient care by servicing my patients with compassion, respect, integrity and loyalty. For me, Nursing is not just another career; it is about compassion and helping people thrive through some of the toughest times in their lives. My greatest accomplishment thus far is being a wife and a mother. Being a mom entails a lot of endurance. Both motherhood and marriage have taught me so much about responsibility for someone other than myself. They give me a sense of
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