Nursing: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Theory

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When thinking about my personal philosophy of nursing the word diversity comes to mind. I myself come from a diverse background. Being Hispanic and living in different parts of the united states I have had the pleasure of experiencing different cultures. As a nurse, I have encountered diverse patient experiences. For example the Chinese elderly woman who would not take her medication or eat. She did not speak english and we could not seem to reach her. I reached out to a physician with the same background for ideas and he asked if she had hot water on her tray. He informed me that warm drinks and a warm environment was important to healing in her culture. After making these modifications to her environment she started responding to us and trusting us. We must always remember to care enough to listen and learn from our patients even if they don't speak the same language. Although nursing is a diverse field in every sense of the word. I consider the act of Caring to bring our diverse backgrounds together. Therefore it is here that my philosophy intersects with Watson's theory and Science of Nursing. Watson's philosophy list 10 basic caritive processes. Our textbook describes this theory as being an “A moral ideal rather than a task-oriented behavior”( Gunther, p.77, 2016). The skill of the nurse differs from person to person, but the goal must be the same, patient care and…show more content…
Nursing is one of those environments. Health care attracts individuals from all walks of life. What do we have in common? We care and want to care for others. Watson mentions this in one of his carative factors. Develop helping, trusting and caring relationships, Patient care relies not only on the skill of one nurse but on the efforts of many. The team's ability to collaborate and work together. Use the diverse experience of the team around you to meet your patient's needs. As well as building the confidence of
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