My Observation Of Mary

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My observation is based off what occurred during the meeting with Mary on 1/8/16. James tried to explain to Mary that she should not speak negative things out loud on the floor for other people to hear. Mary did not acknowledge what James was trying to tell her she went right into saying that Denis was abusive to her out on the floor by calling her obsessive. James made several attempts to keep Mary calm and focused on the main reason why we were in there, but Mary continued to talk about Denis and how he had been abusive to her and how talking about it made her pulse race and her blood pressure rise. At one point she asked for us to feel her pulses, which never happen. Mary continued to talk about how Denis was abusive and how he needed to pick on someone like her ex-husband who was abusive or the doctor who was abusive to her. she went into great detail as to what the doctor did and how her husband had abused her. Mary continued to bounce from one thing to another even speaking of ISIS and how she did not care if they died to today because of how they abused babies and women.…show more content…
there had been two are three instances when Mary cried during the conversation and talked about how she did not want to write anything out as it would make it worse for her by rehashing the incident she also mentions how she could be heartless and not care for what would happen to Denis as she learned that from her husband that’s how she was able to beat him in court. There were several things Mary mentioned during the conversation, she mention several times that just thinking about what Denis did to her causes her to feel like she needs to go out on a stretcher and how if she wanted to she could make him go out on a stretcher too, How her husband was abusive and how his job made him that
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