Personal Narrative: My Obsession Is Music

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Title:My Obsession is music!! Music is the most amazing thing in the world; I don't know how I would live without it, I listen to music non stop I just makes me so happy to hear it it just makes me happy when i'm sad and sometimes sad when i'm happy I guess it would depend on what mood you want to be in. If you say you hate music and you can't stand it, and you can't stand to listen to some Movin groovin Jammin singin songs then you are CRAZYYY!!! Music is the best thing in the world!

WHEN WAS IT INVENTED; HOW OFTEN DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO IT!! Okay, so music has been around for a very, very long time and thank god for it! As it says in Decoded= {past} in article ¨When did music begin¨,By Emily-Jane Hills it says that the scientist looked
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As it says on in article 10 reasons why I love music it says that there are 6 different kinds of music. There are Rock, Alternative, Country, Rap, hip hop, and classical music. My favorites are Rock, Country, Rap, and hip hop. I don't really like classical and alternative music I think it's dumb to be honest , but that's just my opinion, some people like them and that's fine there just not my favorite things to listen to and I'm very picky about my music. Different people like different types of music. People say many different things about music.Music tells you a lot about someone's personality, how they act and where they're going in life. In Spinditty .com article 10 reasons why I love music there are quotes that people say about music, one of them said ¨Music not only changes our mood, but it also changes the way we think and our perception of the world.” And this quote is absolutely true. There is also another one that is kind of hard to understand at first, but once you think about it, I think it will make sense to you after a minute of thinking about what it actually means this quote is ¨Music is the voice of the soul.¨ To me this quote means that when you don't feel like talking and speaking of how you feel that music can do that for you it all depends on what mood you are in and want to
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