My Opinion Essay: The Boston Tea Party

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As my eyes are filled with smoke while I lie on my “bed” of straw in the hut with twelve other soldiers, I knew it would be difficult to stay and fight for the freedom of various others and myself. Conditions here at Valley Forge are frightening. Food is scarce and sickness and smoke is in the air. We have been here since winter, and I miss my family a great amount. I have decided to re-enlist in fighting for the release of the control of Britain, because of the continuing decreasing numbers of soldiers, I have pride and hope in the colonies, and I desire to earn the freedom for myself and my fellow people in the colonies.
When living in Boston, I had no idea that the Boston Tea Party , which I took part in, would be one of the factors that
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Thomas Paine was speaking inspiration when he said, “...if being bound in that manner, is not slavery then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth.”(153) He was speaking for the soldiers as he explained that Britain has been enslaving the colonies in so countless ways. I know that in 1773 the Boston Tea Party took place, because I was there. The Boston Tea Party is also proved, “1773- Boston Tea Party.” (Roden 141) The colonists tried and we protested against the taxes, but gruesome Britain still gave them to us and we went through it, but we stopped putting up with it and now we fight. The inspiring Thomas Paine also explained in his writ that Britain is now taxing the colonie and controlling us.(153) It is horrible. It is intolerable that soldiers are leaving this fight for our freedom. We need as much help as we can get. They are going to let the British take over. George Washington brought to our attention that there is not excitement in the colonies for this fight. (Roden 141) There should be a great encouragement for us who are fighting. If we fight we will be free from Britain 's wrath. I am proud to say, I will stay and gain the bravery by not giving up on the freedom of our people. It is important to stay and serve, since we need to gain the freedom and be free from the control of the
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