My Overall Health Strengths

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Health has become a major issue in today’s society. The obesity rates for Americans today are 33.8 percent of adults, skyrocketing from 13 percent in 1962. I believe this is a result of technology today, and the availability of food over time. When it comes to health I believe my overall health is good. My overall score for my profile was 144. I don’t know what the best range would be for this profile assessment but I feel that is a solid number. Through the rest of my essay I will go over my strengths and weaknesses in my health sub-scale results along with activities they didn’t discuss in the profile. My overall health is decent I tallied up my points and got 2 never, 43 sometimes, 72 often, and 36 routinely. By just looking at these numbers I believe I need to work on making healthier choices more routinely. My lowest health sub-scale was stress-management which surprised me because I felt before-hand that I managed my stress very well. I went back and looked at some of the questions provided for that subscale and I interpreted it as stress as a whole and not just one specific stressor like college. I believe in my health I’m doing well in emotional,…show more content…
I meal prep when time permits so I will make sure I eat all my meals of that day. I pay attention to my Fitbit when I don’t have time for vigorous exercise to make sure I get at least the steps in for heart health and the minimal exercise for that day. I also do a program every few weeks called 21-day fix. I get most of my meal prepping from this program and it’s also an exercise program with a new exercise every day, for 7 days then you repeat for 21 days. I realize I need to step up and start making small and large changes in my life to become healthier for the present and the future. I do my best with the time I have but sometimes I feel there isn’t enough time in the

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