My Papa Waltz Poem Analysis

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The Waltz of Love and Fear The speaker in Theodore Roethke poem, “My Papa's Waltz”, is a young boy who illustrates how his father waltz him to bed. This poem gives many different meaning that the reader can grasp, but ultimately the imagery, word choice, and tone shows how a horrific beating is told in a lovely manner. This description is not always true, but it is one of the major themes that most readers often assimilate when analyzing the poem. In the poem, imagery creates a variety of link between the boy and his father relationship. From the first stanza, one could assume that the father has a drinking issue, but the young boy is unbothered by it or not affect. “The whiskey on your breath/ Could make a small boy dizzy”(1-2). This shows the father drinking issue. Additionally, Roethke follow with, “But I hung on like death/ Such waltz was not easy”(3-4). This displays how the boy, even though he had a drunken father, still cared for him. Roethke gives a sense of love for the reader to relate to and creates a emotional image. Following to the third stanza, Roethke creates the image of the father as a fighter, but in this case a image of abusiveness. “The hand that held my wrist/ Was battered on one…show more content…
One could say the tone reflects the feeling of the author towards his father figure. The tone has a mournful sense that shows how the reader, as well as the author, may relate. But, the author begins the reader with a joyful tone to intrigue the reader to the poem. Later as the poem develops, the reader can perceive a change. The uncertainty in the poem made one wonder what the meaning of this poem could be. Roethke meaning for the poem is uncertain and it certainly displays this. Roethke may want to project to the reader society issues during his time and make it a public venue. Roethke translates the tone to make the reader understand his point of view to
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