My Papa's Waltz Analysis

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Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz” is about a son (the speaker) remembering one night with his papa, whereby his drunken father waltzed him around their house’s kitchen. The waltz was not easy for the speaker as his father was constantly hurting him with his belt buckle. Yet, the speaker was unwillingly to let go of his father at the end. He endured the pain his father caused him because of the love he had for his father, regardless of his father’s alcoholism and misbehaviours. Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s “Afire Love” demonstrates a grandson (the singer) reminiscing about his loving grandfather, his grandfather dying of Alzheimer’s disease and his grandfather’s funeral. He also reflects on his grandmother’s wonderful stories about his grandfather. In the song, the singer’s father explains to him how it is not his fault that his grandfather does not remember him, since his grandfather has forgotten other family members as well. It is clear that the grandfather fought a hard battle and that he was a caring and respectful man. Even though the poem has a sense of tension and the song is much more tender in tone, both of these pieces give prominence to the love and admiration people have for their family, even in spite of their family’s flaws. This concept is depicted through the devices of rhyme and rhythm, symbols and metaphors, anaphora and word choices.
Firstly, the meter, rhyme and rhythm of both the poem and the song play a big part in expressing the circumstances. For
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