My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke: Poem Analysis

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The subject of “My Papa’s Waltz” poem by Theodore Roethke has spurred passionate academic debate from professors, scholars, and students alike, the imagery, syntax, and diction of the poem clearly support the interpretation that Roethke writes “My Papa’s Waltz ” to describe the fond relationship with his father as a child. It has been argued that If he was being abused that he would have run away when he had the chance, rather, he didn’t want to let go of his father because they both were having fun. The son’s mother was growing due to motherly instinct out of her son’s safety of how crazy they were walzting, but made no attempts at the son and father’s intervention because it wasn’t necessary to interrupt them. Ultimately to describe…show more content…
In paragraph four it says you beat time on my head which it is referred to as the musical beat in the song. The father´s palm was caked with dirt because he worked at a place which was the greenhouse that he would have some sort of dirt in the process of the father´s work that he would have to make the dirt smooth or maybe dirty work.When they say he waltzed me off to bed which he was still dancing with his son to trick him into getting tired so the kid can go to sleep which the boy was waltzed to bed but it wasn´t easy for the son to go to sleep because he was ¨still clingling to his father´s shirt.¨
My conclusion to describe the fond relationship with his father as a child is that the father would never abuse the son no matter how drunk the dad is or no matter what bad things the kid could have
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