My Papa's Waltz Rhetorical Devices

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“My Papa’s Waltz” is written from the perspective of someone looking back on a vivid memory from their childhood. The poem demonstrates a problematic father son relationship. The playful tones of “romped until the pans slid” and “waltzed me off to bed” show that the child had love for his father. However, the concerning tones of “the whiskey on your breath”, “scraped a buckle”, and “you beat time on my head” reveal the abusive behavior of an alcoholic father toward his son. While reading this poem, the sensory and kinesthetic imagery immersed me in the experience. I could imagine the dizzying smell of the whiskey, the hard grip on the wrist, and the stumbling missteps. I find it ironic that the author titled this poem, “My Papa’s Waltz”, because
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