My Papaw Research Paper

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I chose my papaw as the person I wanted to interview. I picked him because he is the oldest person in my family and I played with him a lot when I was younger. The main reason though is I wanted to know what he was like when he was my age and if we would have been friends if I was twelve when he was. Technology is more advanced now than when he was twelve. Papaw had a transistor radio that got two stations, a rotary phone that had a party line, and a black and white T.V. I have my own cell phone that I can text with; my T.V. gets hundreds of channels and is in color. I get more music because I have ITunes Radio and Pandora. The prices of things have gone up a lot. Milk is $3.00 a gallon instead of 40 cents. Candy bars are about a $1.00 instead of 5…show more content…
Our school routines are different. Once we get to school I switch classes and have six different teachers. The bad thing is we don’t have recess. Papaw only had one teacher and three different recesses. Our household rules and chores were very similar. Like papaw I can’t rough house inside, I can’t go anywhere without permission, and I can’t talk back. Papaw had to do a lot more chores than I do. I don’t work in the fields and we don’t have a garden. I do feed the dogs and help with the mowing. Although I get to ride the mower and papaw had to push. My everyday life is more hectic than papaw’s life was. I have a ball game or practice every night of the week and I have a lot more homework. I use an IPad and computer and they didn’t have computers or IPad’s when papaw was twelve. When papaw was my age Alaska and Hawaii became states and Castro became Prime Minister. The world events now have to do with Terrorism. Terrorists are blowing up people and cutting off their heads, even babies. They are even blowing themselves up. They are almost everywhere in the Middle East, in Paris and now even in
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