Personal Narrative: Why I Switch School

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Most parents do not make you leave the school you have grown to love so dearly. Most parents will do anything to make their child happy. Considering my parents are not like this, they’re making me switch schools at the beginning of my seventh year. I am not happy about this decision or how they did not ask me if I would like to go to this school. They reply with short responses. Tomorrow is my first day and I am completely a wreck, hoping for the best. This school could be better, but I am still unsure why they are making me switch. Life’s greatest mystery’s often lead to a grand adventure.
I take a long, deep breath in, slowly walking through the metal doors, entering my new prison. I think to myself how unfair my parents are being to make me switch schools in my seventh year. My mother graduated from this school, she thinks it will be a better fit for me than my last school. I vow to myself I will not change; this school will not change me, and I will not forget my friends. My mother and I came here for open house, but I am lost like the sock you can never find. I itch to ask someone for help, but my pride will not allow me to do so. The hallways leading to nowhere, the sense of feeling alone and not seeing a single familiar face in the
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It is now the beginning of winter and swim season has come to an end. I have met so many new people through that opportunity and now have some quality friends. I am making more friends at school. I feel myself changing, but for once in my short life I feel as its changing for the better instead of the worst. I thought this opportunity would not be one worth wild, but I am excited to return to my new school and new friends at the beginning of the next year and after the winter break. It may have taken me a couple of months into this school year to grow into the idea of switching schools, but now I could not be happier and cannot wait for softball season to meet even more
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