My Parents: The Most Important Path To My Future

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My parents had my first brother at eighteen which prevented either of them from getting further education at the time. When my parents were still together, they were typical wild young people; they liked to go out and have fun. I know my parents wanted the best for us but they didn’t always know how to provide that. Subsequently, my dad’s mom and sisters, our grandma and aunts, took us kids in a lot. My dad and mom split up when I was around five; they were young and they both tried to make things work for us but somethings just don’t work no matter how bad we want them to. After my parents split up, my mom became more focused on her future; she quit her full time job as a teaching assistant to find a part time job so she could pursue a college degree. However, with school and work on her plate, she didn’t have much time to focus on us kids so we spent a lot of time with her parents, our grandparents. While my mom had worked to pursue her future career wise, my dad decided to further his life by settling down and having four additional kids. All of these people are what has shaped the path to my future.
My dad’s mother, my grandma, has taught me some of the most important things to me. By being a good example of these qualities, she has taught me to have a wandering, adventurous, and
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I cherish the relationship I have with both of my older siblings because we have been through so much together and supported one another. My older brother has inspired me to always be creative and think outside of the box; he has taught me that I’ll never be done learning. My older sister has been my best friend; she has stood by my side through everything and given me advice on how to always strive to be

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