My Passion For Computer Science

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My passion for computer science stems from my undergraduate studies and my career goals. As a student at the School of Electronic Information and Control Engineering, I have gained systematical training regarding not only the fundamental concepts in all areas of communications engineering, but also vital expertise to conduct research project within this fastest advancing realm. However, among those detailed areas, including imaging, signal processing, sensors, digital communications, and computer networks, I have been fascinated by information technology and computer science. Computer science has been the paramount driver for contemporary technology development. Plus, my excellent performance on the undergraduate courses of Principle and Application of Microcomputer and Computer Language also proved that I have the talent to engaged in this field.

Therefore, upon completion of my degree, I will pursue career in the data analysis industry or cloud computing area within a major company such as Google and Microsoft. Your challenging program holds a very high reputation for research excellence in computer science, so it best suits my professional aspirations and personal interest. Through comprehensive study in your school, I hope that I will grasp core expertise on cloud computing, data analysis, computer language, software engineering, Java program and as such.

My undergraduate knowledge and techniques have laid solid foundation for advanced studies in your program. For
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