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Thanks to my parents for offering me opportunities to explore my interests in drawing since my childhood. However, my passion for it was stimulated by a sketch course which intrigued me but brushed past me. As a new transfer student from a regular high school, I was left to strengthen theoretical knowledge of drawing. I was frustrated and found nowhere but McDonald’s to spend my boring time. Sitting in a corner next to the window, I looked at the people passing by leisurely or hastily, never minded whether they were shopping or rushing to an appointment. Unconsciously, I took out my notebook and began to change them into different lines and colors of my drawing. When I finished drawing, my depression dismissed, and a sense of happiness and peacefulness welled up, and I think that was the real reason for me to draw.

Following my passion for drawing, I came to my undergraduate major, Art Design, at the Chengdu University of Technology, where I began to dream of being an excellent Graphic Designer. During my college years, apart from perceiving and recognizing the appearance of things, I tried to understand their natures and structures. I was fascinated by the procedure of combining my understanding of things with my
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In the course Printing Technology and Direct Mail Advertising, my teacher arranged design tasks to us every class, but it seemed that our designs were always far from meeting his requirement. I even doubt that his teaching style made our innovation discouraged. However, by the end of the course, when I was tidying up my former works, I found that they were just like a biography of me which witnessed my growth. I suddenly realized that his expectation was more like a driving force that urged me to move forward. This experience will continually remind me to keep an insatiable desire for knowledge in my future studies and

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