My Passion For Education

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To be a teacher and have the privilege and responsibility of sculpting the younger generation to be the best version of themselves possible would be an honour. Teaching is a career path which I have always being interested in, and after the completion of my degree I decided to take some time out after the rush of final year to figure out what I wanted to do next. It did not take me long to realise that I already knew.
My passion for teaching has been kindled by my journey through the education system - I am lucky to have had positive and memorable experiences throughout education, however, I know that this is not the case for all young people in school. No young person should slip through the education system - everyone has a unique ability
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At school I completed 3 days work experience with a PE teacher. This involved lesson planning, leading the lesson with the supervision of the teacher and then reflecting on the positives and negatives in order to improve. I have also been involved in various sports coaching - I have played rugby for a number of years and have therefore been involved in coaching children. Whilst studying my A levels, I also completed my Higher sports leadership qualification which involved encouraging young children to be involved in sporting activities. Throughout my sporting achievement at college I was also selected as one of 11 young people in the UK to be part of the British colleges national youth council, and I was also selected as part of the executive team of the sports management team at my college. As part of the sports management team we built bridges with children in local schools by inviting them to visit the college for fun sporting events, which also meant that their transition from school to college was somewhat smoother. More recently, I have volunteered at Manchester Museums ‘Big Saturdays’ whilst completing my geology degree. This involved communicating difficult concepts - such as the timescale of the earth and fossilisation to small children in an engaging and interactive…show more content…
The challenging moments only make you strive more and more to be creative and find a solution in order to engage the children. I also believe that I have gained confidence in my leadership ability and my understanding for different methods of teaching and learning in order to tap into a child's unique ability to learn.

The role of a teacher is incredibly diverse and that role must be willing to adapt to the situation and circumstances. As a teacher one of the main roles must be to successfully motivate learners in a safe environment whilst also adhering to regulations in place. It is also more important than ever for teachers to promote diversity and equality in the classroom. The teacher must also be approachable and empathetic in order to gain trust from their pupils.

The Scottish curriculum for excellence was introduced in 2009 and is built around a framework which places the learner at the centre throughout their education from the ages of 3 to 18. The framework aims for combine outcomes and experiences in order to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. The curriculum also states that assessment should be made by the teacher up to the end of S3, however, it is not necessary for groups or individuals to sit exams before the end of
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