My Passion For Engineering

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My passion for engineering takes me back to the memories of my childhood when engineering subconsciously became part of my life, and with time part of who I am. I was always captivated by the way things work, from dismantling my own toys to playing with Lego to turn my ideas into reality. Throughout the years I’ve nurtured this inborn passion and started maintaining my first car. I looked deeply into machines around me; learning new things day-by-day, researching and staying up-to-date with as many new engineering technologies as I can.
My first official step towards establishing my career was obtaining a mechanical engineering degree in a renowned university such as Texas A&M University, providing me with world class education; with both the practical and theoretical basis of it. My thorough study of solid mechanics, thermo fluids, automated control systems, system dynamics, vibrational analysis , and engineering codes of ethics has deepened my passion and knowledge about engineering. The courses I completed not only improved my learning skills but also reflected my solid academic performance.
During my academic career, I took on several projects that strengthened my academic fundamentals and enhanced my hands-on skills. My last research project was a study to evaluate the development, implementation, and operation of a mechanical system that moves weights using the behavior of Shape Memory Alloy wires under loads of electric current. The team and I were able to prove the
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