My Passion For Law

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“Why pursuit something as demanding and hellacious as law?”,“Why trouble yourself in the future?”, “Law school is not a stroll in the park”. These are among the many questions directed to me when I say I am interested in pursuing law as my major. My sole purpose is to ensure justice is served and living by this objective, my passion for law is highly prevalent. A small act of kindness and justice can lead to great possibilities in the future. This is what I believe I can bring to the table if I am given the opportunity to study law in university and strive to become a successful lawyer one day. Taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) has taught me how to self-manage and simultaneously, taught me how to manage my time. Being proficient in managing my time will allow me to have time for studies, social relationships and meet university deadlines which is essential as a law student. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is one of the subjects taught in IB and the gist of it is to understand how things work by implementing the Ways of Knowing (WOK) and thus identifying why things happen the way they do and what makes one do such a thing. We were taught to think cognitively, to think out of the box and we were taught to think beyond classrooms. This will enable me to think rationally and make decisions that will benefit the society in a holistic manner. Having the ability to think critically would definitely be an upper hand for me if I will be accepted to study law.
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