My Passion For Mechanical Engineering

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One’s childhood plays a vital role in shaping his character, his goals and more importantly his ambition. My father used to own an auto repair service centre and I used to spend some time in the service centre. Surrounded by heavy machinery, cars and other automobiles as well as power tools, I was more than fascinated by what was around me. The sound of the tools and the mighty sound of the engine would be like a symphony for me. And so the toys in my childhood were engine parts and tools. To fuel my passion for machines I used to break open old machine parts or damages home appliances just to satisfy my curiosity about what really happens inside them and how it works. All this created a strong foundation for me upon which my passion for mechanical engineering was built.
In my schooling I discovered my love for physics, science and mathematics. Mechanical engineering was a discipline of study which offered the integration of all the three subjects. More over to satisfy my passion for machines, I chose the course of mechanical engineering.
In the four years of my study at NMAMIT, Nitte, I have strengthened myself in the fundamental of basic mechanical engineering subjects like Design of machine elements, Automotive Engineering, CAD/CAM, mechanical vibrations and machine shop and so on. I have also learnt about special areas like Finite Element Methods and Operations Research. I also learnt the usage of design software such as Solid edge and Pro-E and CNC programming software
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