My Passion For Medicine

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My desire to pursue medicine began when I experienced a poignant moment in my life, which was losing a loved one to heart disease. My grandfather and I were quite close and it was tough for me to see him go through so much pain both emotionally and physically while he was admitted in the hospital for a month before he passed away. However, my daily visits to the hospital was eased by the tremendous support shown by the doctors who treated him and the nurses who took care of him. It was during these times I was inspired by the passion, dedication, patience and teamwork expressed by the doctors who took care of my grandfather. It was then when my need to pursue medicine was born.
Being an only child, I was often left to my own devices and it was then when I fostered hobbies which would soon keep me occupied. Here, my love for reading grew and I explored many different reading materials. I particularly enjoy works of fiction and I am also a huge fan of the Time magazine. I am also an avid reader of online articles from both the New Scientist and the Guardian. I frequently read the local newspaper and watch the news on Sky News Channel to keep myself up to date with things happening around the world. I also enjoy exercising as I feel health is important. I am quite an extrovert as I enjoy mixing with people. Spending a lot of time with people of different walks of life, from my elderly grandparents to young children in the language class I had enrolled myself in, has led me to
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