My Passion For Music

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What is Music and Why I am Passionate for it? Music is the harmony created by mixed sound. It also helps to create and show my emotions which is the best part for me as it helps me express my feelings and always puts me and a much better mood. It brings lots of joy to my heart. I want to become a professional singer. It has been my passion since I was little. I can’t imagen my life without music or being able to sing. My family also supports me which helps me be sure that this is what I want to be and the person that I want to become. The only problem though is that I am a very timid person and when I see someone really great I tend to underestimate myself and believe that I am not good enough and I should just give up but with all encouragement that I have and not just from my family but from my friends and teachers as well it helps have more confidence and know that I can become anything I want to. I love who I am today and don’t want to change that not even for fame. I would also love to have this job as I know that once I am old enough and I am married and have kids I will be able to provide, care and love for them. That would be the most important thing to me but right now I first want be able to reach that goal by fighting and working hard in order for me to succeed. What is a Singer? A singer is someone who uses their voice as an instrument to sing. A singer performs the lead vocals of the song. They can also record in recording studios and perform live on a stage.

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