My Passion For Musical Theatre

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I realized my passion for performing at a young age, but it wasn’t until high school when I realized I wanted to pursue it in the future. I knew by the time I was doing two to three shows a semester, that I wanted nothing more, than to pursue a career in the performing arts. I wasn’t always fully invested in musical theatre. My parents introduced me to sports such as soccer and water polo as a young 3rd grader. While I spent much of my time playing sports, I naturally gravitated towards dance, music and choir in school. I didn’t realize until 8th grade that I wanted to commit my time to musical theatre, rather than sports. I quit swimming and playing water polo so that I could do theatre in 8th grade. I got a lot of inspiration after attending…show more content…
I could have gone into science or even audition for classical music, because of my experience in Hawaii Opera Theatre Young Voice Studio and in private voice. It wasn’t hard to hear my conscious yearning for musical theatre.
My goals in life are to be happy and to fill my life with as much experience, and knowledge in order to maximize my potential. I believe that the best version of myself expands and grows with every new show I am in. Theatre experience has taught me so much and given me so much work for and be proud of.
Based on what I want to accomplish in my life, I decided that theatre would be the best route. I want to learn more about the world and be happy. I want to be in a field that is challenging and fun. I know I will learn the most valuable things from a theatre BFA, then with a science degree. In the end, I care more about the opportunities I get me my life versus the number on my paycheck.
I would feel lost without theatre giving me hope for myself and for the world. Not only would theatre benefit my life the most, but it is so beneficial for the community and every individual. Theatre has the power to inspire, give hope, teach, and open the mind. That is something I want to give to
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I would be able to start building a resume as early as freshman year, and learn inside and outside of the classroom. The rigorous course load is a perfect balance of acting, singing, dancing and music theory so that I can strengthen all of the skills required for a performing career. The faculty is so qualified and highly experienced, and I have heard great things about their dedication to the students.
I love the fact that Montclair is very performance heavy. Not only would I love to participate in the main stage productions, but also in the operas, dance shows, and recitals. The opportunities to learn from the faculty, students, and guest artists is astonishing. I have butterflies thinking about how exciting Montclair sounds. I believe that Montclair will nourish me and prepare me for a professional theatre industry, which is exacting what I am looking

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