My Passion For Nursing

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The Nurse Practice Act defines nursing as diagnosing and treating humans in response to actual or potential health problems, through services such as case findings, health teachings, and provision of care supportive to the restoration of life and well- being. All of which must be done in respect to human dignity. This code of ethics allows patients, families and communities to live with physical, emotional, social and spiritual well - being (Code of Ethics, 2005, p.7 ). As a practicing nurse of 15 years , I believe my values and background have both shaped my passion for nursing and directed my professional career. My philosophy of nursing practice encompasses respect, compassion, candor, honesty, flexibility, privacy, culture, knowledge- teaching and learning which is a continuum. In addition to, technology, communication- active listening and understanding, allotting time, going the extra "mile" humor , protection of self and patients through holistic care. To be a nurse you must have a degree. However, to be a quality and qualified nurse one should be compassionate, knowledgable, and conscientious when interacting with patients. A competent nurse also utilizies empirical knowledge and his or her own nursing philosophy to guide care.…show more content…
A recent event with my mother 's health compelled me to further my education in nursing as I cared for her after she was misdiagnosed and mistreated. I believe nursing is a rewarding profession and as nurses we must be united as a body. I have witnessed and experienced numerous dilemmas within our cohort . Thus, we must first address these issues before we can advance as quality health professionals. It is my hope that nurses will stand in accord to strengthen the profession so that we can be as " powerful" as other
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