My Passion For Philanthropy

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My passion for philanthropy began long before I could even pronounce the word. I was an innately empathetic child who cared deeply for the world around her. To name but one example, I recall saving up coins in my piggy bank to sponsor a child in Tanzania through the organization, World Vision that I learned about through a particularly moving church service, during which I was shown images of children my own age living in complete impoverishment. World Vision, a nonprofit organization, works toward its mission of lifting the world out of poverty specifically by aiding children. The stories of poverty I was exposed to instilled a conviction deep within me to become involved in making a difference. I was a fortunate child in a suburban middle class family, and I thought that there was no better purpose for my good fortune than to help others, and effectively “change the world”. To accomplish this goal, I saved every nickel and dime I earned through my allowance, I turned over couch cushions, and I searched through my parents’ cars for any spare change I could find. In that time of my life, I did not realize how multi-faceted philanthropy was, and tended to limit myself to donations of monetary value. As I grew and learned more, I began to donate my time as well by volunteering in my church, in my community, and in my school.
By the time I was fifteen, my desire to effect change was so strong that I could no longer remain complacent with my simple acts of charity. I decided to
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