My Passion For Science

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Science has always been one of my strongest and favorite subjects ever since elementary school. My passion for science is so strong due to my curious personality. I always have questions about everything and why things are the way they are. I am intrigued by the many different ways science plays a role in my life and in everyone else’s lives. It is something that all of us rely on solely for convenience. One of our most complex systems is strongly connected to science: the internet. The internet is a large component of science that I, as well as many students, utilize everyday. It plays an important role in education, providing students with the necessary resources to effectively learn. It is where I complete my typed assignments and retrieve second-hand information. Science is also helps us understand why everything exists, including the world, the galaxy, and people such as you and me. In order to expand my knowledge in the field of science, I decided to attend Queens High School for the Sciences, which mainly focuses on science and math. Being a student of QHSS has greatly influenced my interest in becoming a science major. High school offers a variety of science courses compared to middle school, which has allowed me to further deepen my fascination. I see science as something I will continue to interact with in the future because I strongly want to pursue in science as a career. The Stanford Summer Session Horizon Scholars program would be a great educational
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