My Passion For Science

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I used to not take advantage of the opportunities given to me. However, after hearing the stories and troubles that my parents have faced, I realized that I had to take the initial steps towards completing my goals and dreams. Consequently, I’ve immersed myself into what I do as it helps me grow as a person and take the first leaps towards achieving my goals/dreams.
I’ve been exposed to science my entire life, an intriguing subject with mystery. Ever since I was little, my main desire/goal has been to pursue a career in the science field. This passion for science has flowered throughout my life, especially during high school as I have taken plenty of science courses while taking advantage of the more in-depth classes (AP classes). In these classes, we have done various labs, but none of them has had such an effect on me other than the electrochemistry lab. A few months ago, in my chemistry class, I carried out an electrochemistry lab to examine the power of the galvanic cell. The lab made me like a researcher in a lab, it felt like the real deal as I was using statistical software, voltmeters, wires, diluted chemical solutions, and making my own battery. Even better was that I helped the teacher and my peers in knowing how to use this technology properly. It made me feel like a true scientist.
My other classes have helped me become a confident and outgoing person. I’ve completely transformed. A few summers back in a speech class, I thought that I couldn’t present an entire
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