Why I Chose Science

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I used to not take advantage of the opportunities given to me. However, after hearing the stories and troubles that my parents have faced, I realized that I had to take the initial steps towards completing my goals and dreams. Consequently, I’ve immersed myself into what I do as it helps me grow as a person and take the first leaps towards achieving my goals/dreams.
I’ve been exposed to science my entire life, an intriguing subject with mystery. Ever since I was little, my main desire/goal has been to pursue a career in the science field. This passion for science has flowered throughout my life, especially during high school as I have taken plenty of science courses while taking advantage of the more in-depth classes (AP classes). In these
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I currently volunteer at Trinity River Mission (TRM) and Clements Hospital. At TRM, I teach children how to read and write while mentoring them in a way. Going there about two times a month, I always exit out happier than when I came in because it is very joyful to see that what I’m doing is helping this kid become a better version of himself. Realizing that I’m helping these children take the first step to success as I teach them something that will benefit them throughout life. At the Clements Hospital, I usually deliver food to the patients for two hours in the morning about five to seven times in a month. The work can be a little tedious or demanding, but seeing smiles on people’s faces is a huge reward for what I do. Seeing that I make these people happy, makes me incredibly joyful.
Moreover, my most desired goal is become a research scientist in the chemical engineering field as it allows me to do my passion as I help others on a global scale. Thus, getting an opportunity to get hands-on experience in a research oriented internship would be incredible as it will help me get a valuable taste in a field that I desire to pursue in the future. With the potential experience that I can gain from the program, I will know what to expect once I pursue my own career, and get an important head start on completing my dreams and
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