Personal Narrative: Dance Moms

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My passion is dancing. When I dance, I feel confident and energetic throughout every move. Every Tuesday at The Dance Connection, I dance tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. We learn a dance for each class every dance season, work on them from September to May, and then perform the dances in a recital. There is also a group at TDC that does competition dance where they compete against other dance teams. I am glad that I found this passion and I hope to stick with it for a long time.

I was first introduced to dance when I saw my cousin, who is a former dancer, perform in recitals and competitions. I would frequently play with her at her house and we got addicted to a show called “Dance Moms”. I was fascinated by the dancers in the
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It seemed so fun and I thought I could really express myself through it, unlike acro which was really just a series of tricks. I signed up for that class, and right away I knew that I loved it. It came very easily to me, and I felt extremely confident. I was immediately put in the most advanced recital hip hop class without questioning my skill, mostly because of my age and my past performances at a TDC. I also wanted to try the combo class, which consisted of tap, jazz, and ballet/lyrical dance. I never thought of doing it- I had never done tap dance a day in my life and I thought to join as a 12 year old would be too difficult. I always had a passion for lyrical dance, though, and thought if I ever was going to do it, I needed to do tap dance. So, I tried it the second of week of the dance season and I was sure it was not for me. I then stuck to my favorites, hip hop and acro, for the rest of the dance season. Towards the middle/end of the season, I was starting to realize how much I dislike acro class. I felt as if I didn’t have any friends in that class and I felt too shy to fully express myself. It was almost like I looked forward to hip hop Tuesday’s and I dreaded acro Thursday’s. So, after the amazing recital of performing the fun hip hop dance and the acro dance, I knew I was not going to continue doing acro. I did, though, do summer acro class for a few weeks to make sure I wasn’t
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