My Love Of Music In My Life

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When I was four years old, I gave my first concert. I hopped up on the stage at the Irish pub where my family was having dinner, and cheerfully sang “Happy Birthday” to my wonderful mother. Looking out into the pub and seeing all eyes on me was the most exhilarating feeling my young mind had ever experienced. Music has been, and always will be, my first love. This art has constantly forced me to step outside my realm of comfort. Over the years, I have been progressively perfecting the art of performing in front of large crowds.

I have always known that the arts are my passion, and thus, have chosen a path to best follow my passion. I joined a community youth choir in the fourth grade and then auditioned for the best middle school of the arts
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Oddly enough, music is a lot like a legal system. There is a lot of black and white, right and wrong, but there is also a portion of unknown grey. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow from the unknown. For example, Beethoven may have not have become a household name if he did not discover a new way to write symphonies after he went deaf. Additionally, former President Barack Obama, who broke through many racial and political barriers to reach the highest-level job in our country, would not have done so if he left the grey unexplored. My greatest goal in life is to make a difference in the arts world and I believe that becoming an entertainment lawyer is definitely the step I must take to achieve that…show more content…
Humphreys School of Law offers an Entertainment Law program that will help me flourish. Having already attended The University of Memphis for my undergraduate studies, I have learned more about myself and this city than I ever thought possible. I now know the value of “Earning Your Stripes” and have honed my ability to fight for what I believe is right. The rich history of Memphis, both in music and in culture, has been something I enjoy sharing with others, because I am a proud part of the Memphis grit and grind. This city does not boast and brag but rather allows everyone to experience its beauty and charm on their own terms. When I first visited the School of Law and stepped into the building, I felt the same excitement that I experienced on the stage of the Irish pub and again when sharing what I’d learned about copyright laws with my high school friends. Memphis may not be where I was born and raised, but my connection is deeper. I chose Memphis as my new home and I only hope it chooses me
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