Personal Reflective Essay: My Path

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My Path Every day we each make decisions and these decisions are able to impact us in the future. Sometimes these decisions that we make are difficult and it may seem as if we are the only one who is having problems. In reality, in some time in our lives, we will walk a “narrow and crooked” path. My path I would not describe as smooth, but a little bit bumpy with some windy curves. A time in my life when my straight path changed directions was when I was diagnosed with scoliosis and when I ruptured my eardrum for the second time. During this time in my life I was able to find out more about who I am as a person. Going to the doctors for my yearly physical and being told that I have scoliosis was a life changing moment. I was told that my curve should be looked at by a professional, so I was then sent to Oʻahu. At Oʻahu, they told me since my growth plates are open they want to put me in a brace. The purpose of…show more content…
I knew I was making the right choices because if I did not fix the issues at the time, then in the future it could possibly be worse. For example, if we did not catch the scoliosis in time or I decided to not wear a brace, my spine curve would have become worse causing me to have to do surgery. Having surgery on your spine is a difficult and dangerous process because of all the nerves in that area. These hardships were able to teach me and show me more about who I am as a person. These misfortunes have made me stronger and more willing to not lose it when something poor happens. I learned that when times are hard to faith that it will become better in the future. To have a positive outlook instead of focusing on the negatives of life. Some positives of my scoliosis are that I was able to visit more with my family on Oʻahu when I went on those little trips. For my ears, I am able to go back into the water and that I still have perfect
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