My Path Of Life

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Personally, I think that everyone’s life is like a tide which has the lowest point and the highest point in the path of life, but the thing that sets us apart from one another is the method that we use to handle with the stream of problems and happiness. My life has no exception; all my experiences throughout my path of life have contributed to my personality and attitude toward the world as I am in today.
My character is quite unique since I had selected the distinct path when I was in the junction of my life compared to people in my country. This was obviously evident while I had been the exchange student to Argentina for 1 year during my second year of high school. It was not usual to select country in South America as a destination for Thai students, yet, in that time, I fully believed that this dissimilarity would broaden my world and be beneficial for my future business advantage . Even though I skipped one year of high school spending my time abroad during the most crucial time in Thai high schoolers’ life preparing for college admission , I could achieve my goal and got accepted to the best engineering school in Thailand at the same time of my classmate. I must attribute this success to my early clear goal, strategic study plan and determination. I have received a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Thailand’s prestigious university , Chulalongkorn with GPA of 3.56, graduating in top 5% of the class. My engineering degree has given me not only the

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