Scholarship Essay: My Path To Success

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My personal goal is to be successful and financially stable in my career and life. I come from a community where that goal has not been easily attainable for most. I am from the Wind River Indian Reservation in Ethete, Wyoming. The path to my current educational achievements have been filled with many obstacles. However, I have found a way to overcome those obstacles and graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduating from college, my professional goal was to work my way to a management position where I could use my education to help the company reach its goals. As of December 2017, I was offered a position as a Finance Director at my community 's local housing authority. I have now set a goal to once again further my education to help me be successful in this new position. What has and will continue to motivate me to pursue this new degree is my family and my community. I would like to show my children and the people in my…show more content…
After becoming a college graduate, my life has become stable and successful. With the support of my family, my life is in a great state where I can commit to this new challenge of receiving a master 's. My family of two sons, a daughter and their father are still my motivation to accomplish my personal and professional goals. I know that any future challenges in my life will be met with the same tenacity as I had done with previous challenges. Now that my children are older, and my significant other is well into his own career path, I feel this is the perfect time to refocus on my next educational endeavor. Obtaining a master’s in professional accounting will help me become successful in my new position as a Finance Director. Vice versa, the on-the-job training from the previous Finance Director of 10+ years and the real-world experience of business at the company will also contribute to my learning at CSU-Global
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