My Pen Writes In Blue And White Analysis

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Vincent Cremona in his essay “My Pen Writes in Blue and White” argues that every writer’s style is the result of blending previous patterns taught and learned by observation or by action. Every line of a composition reflects the writer’s personality, but sometimes it combines the personalities of more than one individual. Cremona explains that “the manner in which [he] now write[s] has been directly affected by the two major influences in [his] life, [his] parents” (195). Every writer’s voice is shaped by close relationships which is reflected in his compositions. This voice can be formed during childhood since the human being acts like a sponge absorbing everything around it. Thus, a writer has the ability to acquire information from different…show more content…
For example, the works of famous American writer Zora Neale Hurston were highly influenced by their childhood. According to Micaela Paris and Brenna Mckee (2011) in their article “The Influence of Hurston’s Childhood on her Writing”, they both agree that Hurston’s close relationships and the different events around her served as the perfect scenery to portray in her most notable books. One of her novels “Jonah’s Gourd Vine” (1934) duplicates the fact that her father was a church’s pastor. Three years later she published her most famous novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” which also mirrors her years living in Eatonville, Florida around her father. In her compositions, she used her own style to embed her personal livings into fictional stories. Additionally, another point Cremona agrees with is the problem a writer encounters with the two different voices on his head trying to write, to speak and to express a meaning. Although “ [he] can write from both perspectives [his parents] at the same time. Some people may have to work at this, but [for him] it comes naturally” (197). Therefore, Cremona pictures himself as the finished combined product of his parents’ perspectives. He observed his mother and father, blend their voices into its own and develop himself as a
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