My Perfect Day At College

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My Perfect Day at College
I lied in bed at night thinking about how much I wanted to know how it must feel to go to college. As I fell asleep, a bright light involved me and I started feeling strange like I was flying. I woke up feeling very cold, but, surprisingly, very happy. I wasn’t at my usual room anymore, but the place did not feel strange. It felt like I was, somehow, in the future, but I did not find anything about it strange, almost like I knew what to do even though it all seemed very strange to me. It just felt like it was going to be a good day. Although most people would be tempted to go back to bed and sleep throughout the day when they looked out the window and saw everything covered in white, I felt inspired. The way the snow covered the buildings made it feel just like a Disney movie. New England’s winter was a piece of art. I looked at the watch on my wrist: 7 AM. I had plenty of time to keep staring at the window and admiring the beauty of this season. So, I go and make me some coffee with toast and Nutella, my favorite topping, and just sat by the window with the newspaper. This moment was just to appreciate my own company and how stunning the view from the window was. At half past seven, I started getting dressed. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and brushed my hair. Dressed my nice jeans and my favorite long sleeve t-shirt, paired them with my warm and fluffy socks and my favorite black sneakers. The shoes were so old that part of the side was

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