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Creating Your Perfect Day

Let me start by saying this – Mondays don 't really suck... if you feel that way it 's because your job does. You 're not feeling miserable or stuck in life because the people around you are holding you back – it 's because you are holding yourself back. Your expectations have been too low for too long and it has left you feeling trapped. You stopped chasing a new future and you settled. It 's time to raise your expectations again and create a life that you really want to live.

The key to unlocking this future is to ignore your present position – you can 't break free without imaging your life in an ideal sense. Small tweaks may help you make some improvements, but it 's not going to lead you to your best life. So, creating your perfect day is the most effective way to start.

1. Shut Out The Expectations Of Others
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That means daily actions, things that you will need to do every single day once you wake up. Those actions are what really makes up the perfect day. So, start with your wish list – what actions do you really enjoy doing – whether it 's writing, hiking, swimming, running or sitting down at a piano. In an ideal world how often would you have time to do your favorite things and how long would you do them for? Include everything you can think of and then map your favorite activities and actions into a calendar describing your perfect day. You don 't need ot schedule it, it doesn 't need to be rigid. They don 't need to be highly specific either because all you 're trying to do is design a filter that will guide your actions rather than a new cage to box yourself into. The point is to create a new key with which to compare your life to so that it can guide you in defining your new ideal. Sometimes it 's easier to work backwards to define the changes and steps you need to

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