My Perfect Organization: An Ideal Organization

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For the final exam we will need to design the ideal organization. After thinking greatly of what will be a perfect organization. I can to the conclusion that there are many factors that we need to use, but I will use each module to describe my perfect organization, with explanations of why I believe that why this is an ideal organization.
First, I believe that there is a lot of learning from all the modules, so I will start with module 2.
Most of the time in the organizations, workers expect something different than what is given. I my ideal organization I would create an organization where our workers would suggest, what they desire for the company to provide for them. Then, we would analyze the different suggestions and implement the ones
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Well, we would use the liking persuasion by making a great environment for our employees, so they would feel great with the company, we would provide them with autonomy and the tools they need. Next on social proof, we would help the communities, and provide help for our employees to keep expanding their knowledge. On authority, we would provide great expertise and professionalism for employees. Yet, Consistency is important for our organization, so they see that we are not being hypocritical. We want our employees to trust in our organization every time. Also, we would provide them an exceptional environment, and opportunities that no common organization has. However, we expect our employees to create a wide network, so they will benefit from these experiences, and also the organization will do. We wat to provide our employees with great opportunities, so they will stay in the long term with us. For starters, we provide mentorship, so they know how they can succeed in the…show more content…
We, create successful teams, where they provide great feedback. Although, they have conflicts is the good type of conflict, where they take the best solution for different situations. Personally, I believe that our organization culture is great because they provide the best opportunities for our team members. We want everyone to be equal, and for them to have equal opportunities. We like to provide opportunities for everyone in the company according to merit. Yet, we know that there is a bias in different organizations towards men, and a thinking that most of the family problems are for women. We like to provide opportunities for both without bias. In contrast, we like employees that fit our culture, and can identify with our culture. However, we like to provide a socializing environment where everyone gets along, so when providing training team members feel great. We believe that by providing a great environment for our workers, they will provide a great service four our

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