My Personal Approach To English Grammar Teaching And Learning

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My personal approach to English grammar teaching and learning In the following document, I will discuss my reflected theories from the grammar course at Beit-Berl college. The issues I feel in my personal beliefs that are highly important for my teaching and learning of English grammar. Based on my experience as a student in Beit-Berl for English grammar, and the diverse theories discussed in the course, I will amplify my personal beliefs till this part of schooling considering ideas, thoughts and general aspects of English grammar teaching and learning. First, I would like to describe my personal beliefs of English grammar. Since English grammar consists of a set of rules and regulations that are highly diverse through many spoken dialects, English grammar is a subject in my opinion that can never be taught to perfection. The number of rules you would have to memorize by heart are infinite. For that fact only, I think that English grammar taught at the school for some extremely diverse students, applying different exposures from different L2 emoluments is a hard task for the teacher that must be answered through creative thinking and making it available in the children 's world. Regardless of this fact, students, today need different approaches to apply different skills that they are weak or strong in. Combining this two simple fact implies that we as the future practitioner must never forget the needs of the person in front of us and the obligation to reach his

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