My Personal Challenge

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My personal challenges My early childhood memories are composed of different experiences, the heaven of motherly love and the hell of a terrible challenge. At the age of 11, for the first time in my life I boarded an airplane in Beijing and went to Hungary, of all places. I still remember the first words that came out of my mouth: “I want to go home!”. Although the country is small, it taught me the big picture of who I am, what I like and who I am likely going to be. Standing in front of the diamond shaped mirror, I seem to catch sight of the scars that cover my body. These scars are all deeply imprinted in my memory. I attended a public Hungarian elementary school during my first year abroad. I was self-abased about my ability to speak Hungarian. I was self-abased about discrimination and despise. I was self-abased about being a “deaf-mute”. This was the first crucial and cruel challenge that I dealt with in my life. As an 11 year old boy, I did not possess a strong self-determination. However, maybe because of a desire to fit in better or in order to please my parents, or even because of my name (in Chinese, Dong MinJie is symbol of leadership, agility and excellence), I decided to spend many hours learning Hungarian fast. I was jealous of my classmates. I was jealous that they did not need to spend 3 extra hours with a tutor and 2 more hours for extra homework. I often wonder why am I working so hard and who am I working for? The hard-working attitude did reflect on
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